New “home” for prickly pear

New “home” for prickly pear

Alcoutim || The status of the prickly pear has just been heightened in the Algarve with the inauguration of its very own “home” in Alcoutim.

The Association of Prickly Pear Producers in Portugal (APROFIP) has inaugurated its new headquarters officially opened in Alcoutim’s old primary school on December 13.

Now serving as APROFIP’s base to support the prickly pear industry and its producers, the premises was granted to the association for free after undergoing improvement work.

The opening ceremony was headed by Alcoutim mayor Osvaldo Gonçalves and APROFIP president Mário Nunes, who praised the opportunity to help promote the prickly pear which has until recently been considered a product of “little value”.

The prickly pear is a cactus fruit, commonly used to make sweets, jellies, and drinks. Its juice is also used for sauces, jams and vinaigrettes.