New Highway Code raises questions

IN LAST week’s AFPOP Matters, we informed readers about the recent changes to the Highway Code (Código da Estrada) and of the need for foreign residents to register with the Direcção Geral de Viação (DGV) within 30 days of the new Code coming into force. This requirement is only for foreign residents who do not possess a Portuguese driving licence. Those people with a Portuguese licence need to do nothing more under the new Code, as they have already complied with the law and the authorities have their details recorded. AFPOP has been asked about this and would like to reassure residents with Portuguese driving licences that they are not affected by this change. At the time of writing, the DGV had not made a decision about what it is going to do when people register and AFPOP is still pursuing this matter with them. The association will inform its members as soon as it has the relevant information.

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