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New heating solutions

Owners of M2M Blinds Denny and Jane Bird have recently undertaken a new business venture and are now providers of Sensiheat products.

Following ever rising costs and IVA increases on electricity, the two decided that heating a property in the Algarve was becoming a growing problem.

Sensiheat is a branding that offers three ranges of electric radiators with various heat outputs and heated towel railings, all of which are designed specifically to produce lower electricity bills.

All of Sensiheat’s products are manufactured in Portugal using modernised technology to make radiators that are the most economical to run in the marketplace, providing a warm home, without extensive electricity bills.  

Denny said: “The towel rails in particular have been proven to be the world’s most economical appliances.”

Upon consultation, advice on which size heater is required and estimated monthly running costs for specific properties will be given.

To view the Sensiheat range, please visit www.sensiheat.com, contact Denny and Jane on 286 516 751 / 936861838 or e-mail [email protected].