New health centre for Alcabideche

news: New health centre for Alcabideche

FOR RESIDENTS in the Alcabideche area, the construction of a new centro de saúde, (health centre) is warmly welcomed.

Last weekend, António D’Orey Capucho the President of Cascais Municipal Câmara, together with the President of the Junta da Freguesia de Alcabideche, laid the first stone of the new health centre, planned for construction in Rua São Vincente.

The 2.2 million euro project along with the two new health centres in S. João do Estoril and S. Domingos da Rana, will enhance the adult and infant health care offered in the area. Following a religious blessing, a capsule with all the dignitaries’ signatures was put into the ground on the site of the new building, and the two presidents cemented it into place.

Better health facilities were high on Capucho’s list of things to achieve when he took over as President of the Câmara.

Bob Hughes