New headquarters for Faro Bombeiros

FARO BOMBEIROS are due to get a new headquarters in Cidade Judicial, a new area being built near the Forum Algarve.

The project is still in the planning stage but has the support of Faro Civil Governor, the local Câmara and the different fire departments.

The idea is to provide one new facility for the 150 people from different divisions of the Faro Bombeiros.

The new headquarters will be financed by the European Union through the QREN, the national strategic policy for EU funds. It is planned to occupy an area of 9,000 square metres, while keeping the existing building in the centre of the city active as a smaller emergency unit for first interventions.

The plan was discussed by the different Bombeiros divisions, the Civil Governor and the Câmara and a proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has authority in the subject and the power to classify it as a regional priority. It is hoped construction will start this year.

The creation of a training facility is included in the plans and will allow other fire departments in the region to receive specialised training in first aid and emergency operations.

The Cidade Judicial is a new area being developed in the north of Faro, in the Senhora da Saúde road area and will host Faro’s future Court House and also new facilities for the Polícia Judiciária.

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