New guide book reveals “geological secrets” of the Algarve

The first of three guide books offering an exclusive look into the “geological and paleontological secrets” of Lagos, Faro and Tavira is to be launched tonight (January 29) at 8pm at Lagos’ Centro de Ciência Vida (CCVL).

“The project is pioneering, innovative and original,” CCVL director Luís Rodrigues told Barlavento newspaper.~

The idea was inspired by Rodrigues’ favourite hobby – walking through Algarve towns looking for different types of rock formations.

Rodrigues said his books are easy to understand and written with the “general public in mind”. Plus the Algarve boasts a rich diversity of rock formations which many people may not recognise.

“The books prove that the Algarve has much more to offer than just the sun and beaches,” he said.

Rodrigues also hopes his initiative will spark a wider interest in geology and paleontology, and bring the subject closer to residents, schools and even tourists.

This first book costs €10, and guided tours will be available to be booked at the town’s CCV centres.

Rodrigues says he will gladly collaborate with other Algarve councils interested in having their own guide books.

His books on Tavira and Faro will be launched in February.