New golf course and hotel for Olhão area

OLHÃO CÂMARA is working on a tourist development plan for the Marim area, near the headquarters of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, that will include a hotel, golf course and tourist complex.

“This tourist development is included in the Plano de Pormenor Turístico e Cultural de Marim, a tourism and cultural plan that was put up for public discussion on October 15,” said Francisco Leal, President of Olhão Câmara.

This will be the second largest tourist development in Olhão, after the one that is already being constructed in the riverside area. “As soon as the plans are approved, we will be in a position to begin the work on this new project,” said Francisco Leal.

Current work on the existing riverside project in Olhão is progressing with the construction of holiday apartments already underway in the Porto de Recreio, the recreational port area.

“Construction of Olhão’s first luxury hotel will begin towards the end of October or beginning of November,” said Francisco Leal. This hotel is the responsibility of Hoteís Real, a Portuguese hotel chain, and is due to be completed in 2009.

These new developments are expected to complement the recreational port, which is awaiting the construction of land based infrastructures. Olhão Câmara is currently negotiating with the maritime anf port authority with a view to taking over the running of this facility.

The Plano Pormenor Turístico e Cultural de Marim project may be viewed by the public within the Câmara building.

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