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“New Gastronomy” takes centre stage in Portugal’s latest ’7 Wonders’ competition

A new theme has been revealed for Portugal’s latest ‘7 Wonders’ competition, which this year will focus on “New Gastronomy.”

But what exactly is this new theme all about?

Explain organisers, the goal is to highlight innovation in the way traditional recipes are presented, how ingredients are used and how recipes are adapted to promote “food sustainability.

“Portuguese people have always valued ‘being at the table’. Eating is a unique social act, a great joy and a simple happiness that is easy to obtain, and which even during these tough times, we do not want to give up,” said 7 Maravilhas president Luís Segadães.

Participating dishes will be divided seven into categories: Snacks (Petiscos), Vegetarian, Vegan, Fish and Seafood, Meat, Molecular and Sweets.

The 140 regional finalists will be selected during 21 shows to be aired by RTP in July, August and September. The final gala event is scheduled for September 4 and will be aired on “prime time”. Out of the 14 finalists, seven will be named the winners in each category.

“Innovation, creativity, sustainability, health, well-being – these are key words which are currently at the root of thousands of recipes. Inspired by the best Portuguese products from the sea or the earth,” said RTP1 director José Fragoso.

“Behind our creative cuisine there are centuries of culinary tradition combined with a powerful network of hotel and tourism schools, located all around the country, and a strong will of thousands of youngsters who choose a career in gastronomy to learn and then innovate,” he added.

Meanwhile, Turismo de Portugal spokesperson Ana Moreira highlighted the ‘7 Maravilhas’ contest as a “tribute to gastronomy, our culture and identity, and what brings us together as Portuguese.”

She added that the country’s hotel and tourism schools will not pass up the opportunity to take part in a contest that “contributes to the link between innovation and tradition.”

The ‘7 Maravilhas’ initiative is organised by the Portuguese government with a long list of partners and aims to highlight several of the country’s best assets, from monuments, beaches and villages to its best food.

This edition is organised by the Portuguese Association of Hotels, Restaurant and Similar Businesses (AHRESP), the Portuguese Association of Professional Cooks (ACPP), the Portuguese Association of Nutrition (APN), the Portuguese Tourism Schools, the Network of Public Institutions of Higher Polytechnic Education (RIPTUR), the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development and the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition.

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