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New food tour company offers “genuine Algarve experience”

Showing tourists the best places to enjoy a truly Algarvean gastronomic experience is the goal of new company ‘Eating Algarve Food Tours’, launched recently by two 32-year-old friends from Faro.

“We want to show people the genuine Algarve through the eyes of those who live here. We want to take clients to eat a ‘bifana’ at the Chica Snack-bar, to try the traditional bread made by Dona Celeste, and top it off with some Algarvean liqueur at Bar Colombus,” António Guerreiro, one of the project’s mentors, told Barlavento newspaper.

Inspiration came to him and his business partner, Joana Martins, following their trips around the world.

“We took inspiration from what already existed abroad and adapted it to our own reality,” said Guerreiro, who was amazed by his experiences on gastronomic tours in the US and London.

Martins added that the company’s goal is to provide a “fun and unforgettable” experience that centres on delicious food but also the Algarve’s rich cultural heritage.

Martins said they both had to read up on Faro’s history, as well as partner only with eateries that “truly represent the Algarve”.

For now, there are two tours available in Faro – the ‘Tour do Petisco’ (Tapas Tour) and the ‘Tour do Pescador’ (Fisherman’s Tour). Both last four-and-a-half hours and include six dishes and drinks.

The launch price is €59, but will eventually increase to €74.

The plan for now is to establish the business in Faro and then expand it to other towns. The duo says they are looking for “guides from other towns who would like to join us”.

Guerreiro and Martins are also planning special tours for the festive season.

Visit for more information on the company’s tours.