New Faro crematorium closer to reality

A long-awaited crematorium is one step closer to being built in Faro now that a contract between the local council, funeral agency Servilusa and construction company FPC Construções Lda has finally been signed.

The contractor has 70 days to present the construction project for the crematorium, which will be followed by a 30-day period for the approval of the project.

Once it receives the go-ahead, the construction company will have 10 months to build the crematorium.

Faro mayor Rogério Bacalhau said in a statement to the press: “This is excellent news, not only for the municipality which will have better conditions to manage the spaces used for funeral services, but also for the Algarve which has been lacking a service of this kind for many years.”

The crematorium, which has been in the pipeline for eight years due to a series of legal and bureaucratic issues, is expected to help tackle the issue of overcrowding at the town’s two cemeteries.

Earlier this year, Bacalhau said that it will cost around €500,000 but the council will pay nothing and will, in fact, receive €1,700 per month as rent and 1% of the cost of each cremation. Faro residents will benefit from a discount and pay €258 per cremation (excluding IVA) while everyone else will pay €309.

There is currently no crematorium in the Algarve, with the closest being located in Ferreira do Alentejo in Beja.

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