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New fairs centre in Tavira

A NEW centre for fairs and exhibitions was inaugurated last Friday (October 5) in Tavira.

The local câmara invested 7.5 million euros in the facility through the municipality’s investments company, EMPET, Empresa Municipal de Parques Empresariais de Tavira.

Named Centro de Exposições de Vale Formoso, the programme for the new facility is already being organised, with a sports fair and a Summer Festival among the events planned for next year.

The complex aims to receive all the big commercial and promotional events already held in Tavira’s district, but also new ones from neighbouring districts.

It is due to host the traditional fairs and markets that happen weekly and monthly in the area, and even those that only happen seasonally. Organised into three different areas, the complex has a main plaza, an open-air multipart exhibitions area and a more restricted area for exhibitors only.

In a near future, the centre is expected to have an open-air auditorium with a capacity for 1,044 seats and a car park for 807 vehicles. Facilities still under construction include a Bombeiros headquarters and a police station.

Tavira Câmara is responsible for the management of the complex, which is also expected to house the future facilities for educational programmes of Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, the local branch for the national employment agency.

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