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New facilities for motorhomes

A new area to accommodate the needs of the thousands of motorhome users who visit the Lagos area has been inaugurated.

The service area, located next to the municipal stadium in Lagos, was officially inaugurated on October 8 by the mayor of Lagos, Júlio Barroso, and was attended by motorhome members of the Camping Club of Lisbon (CCL) and representatives from the Portuguese federation of motorhomers.

The specialist area has been designed as a location for users to be able to dispose of waste and make use of public toilet facilities.

It was made clear on the day that this new area has not been created to be a campsite, with vehicles only able to stay for a maximum of three days.

Motorhome users are also not able to put out awnings or tables and chairs as it has been designed to be a means of providing increased services to motorhome tourists to the area and to encourage them to not participate in “wild” camping on undesignated sites.

Jorge Serpa from Lagos Câmara said: “Lagos wants to be able to provide suitable conditions for travelling tourists coming to the area and while we have done our best to provide this at the present, we intend to improve these conditions further in the future.”

Lagos mayor Júlio Barroso said: “Now we have the conditions to be able to receive motorhomers in a dignified manner. We strive to make Lagos a top tourist destination but we want the area to be accessible to all types of tourists.

“Lagos already has very good campsites but now motorhomers also have this facility to be able to make a short stop in an area with essential basic services.”

He added that the choice of location, near to the stadium and to the new PSP station in Lagos, made this area both quiet and safe for motorhome users.

The motorhome service area is able to accommodate up to 20 vehicles at one time and has water, toilets, Wi-Fi access and facilities to dump waste.

Motorhome users looking to be able to stay for a longer period than three nights in the municipality are advised to contact either the Parque de Campismo da Trindade, Parque de Campismo do Valverde or the Turiscampo Parque de Campismo de Espiche.

For further information about the motorhome service area, please call 282 769 589.