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New events this month

From tomorrow (September 15) onwards, a range of new events are planned to take place at the São Brás Museum.

ART: A collective exhibition will open at 8pm tomorrow evening, with works by a group of Dutch artists, some of whom have transformed their experiences with pilgrims, Spanish families and gypsies in Andalucia, into photography, film, sketches, paintings and poetry. The reflection of these unique experiences has resulted in an art project which discloses a gripping image of the culture of the pilgrims. Entry to the exhibition will be free.

MUSIC: Another event on Sunday (September 16) will allow visitors to enjoy the fruits of an extraordinary project, founded in the spring of 2010 by bass-player Charly Roussel. The Charly Roussel Band, an international quartet, will perform from 5pm. The band comprises Charly Roussel (bass and vocals), Eddie Jensen (drums), Kristiaan Martinson (keyboard) and Toms Rudzinskis (alto saxophone). The band’s performance will consist of original music by Charly Roussel, and will focus on the emotional impact of music. Playing for all jazz-lovers in the Algarve, the band invites musicians to bring their instruments for a jam-session in the beautiful gardens of the Museum following the concert. Entry to the concert will cost €10 and €8 for members of the Amigos club.

EMERGENCY: On September 25, a presentation will be given by Imergencies, a team offering advice on medical intermediary services. They will discuss various methods of useful ways to act in emergency situations in Portugal. The seminar will be held in English and entrance is free of charge.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Another event on September 26 is a ‘Museum Behind the Scenes’ meeting, which will take place from 3pm. The afternoon will aim to explore all aspects of the São Brás Museum, the collections it houses, the people who work there, its projects, its successes and failures, strong and weak points, in short – the bare bones of the Museum. All are welcome to attend this free event.

For more information, please contact: 966 329 073 or visit: