New energy efficiency project unveiled at Motor  Park

A partnership between Galp Energia, Parkalgar, the owners of the Algarve Motor Park, and technology company Efacec culminated in the inauguration of a new energy efficient project unveiled at the Algarve Motor Park near Portimão on February 18.

The project has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the Motor Park using sustainable energy sources with a focus on the generation of energy through solar panels to not only heat the water at the park but also

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to provide recharging stations for electric cars.

A series of solar panels at the park were revealed to the public by

representatives from all three of the businesses involved who were also joined by the president of Portimão Câmara, Manuel da Luz, and the director the Energy and Geology General Directorate, Dr José Perdigoto, for the inauguration.

The solar panel system is predicted to provide an annual output of 157,000KwH; this is equivalent to a reduction in greenhouse gases by 74 tonnes each year and will create enough power to meet 30% of the total needs of the park.

Solar powered electric cars also made an appearance at the inauguration with the vehicles being charged at the new central point at the park before taking to the track in a demonstration of the benefits of solar power.

The energy efficient project represents a total investment of €750,000, with the solar park being located on the northern part of the motor park and covering a total area of 3,000 square metres and is part of a wider project by Parkalgar to be a more environmentally responsible company.