New educational centre for Budens

Vila do Bispo Câmara has signed an agreement with architects for a project for a new educational centre for Budens to be conceived.

To be built in the Picarral area, the Centro Educativo Comunitário Multisserviços de Budens represents an investment of more than €1.5 million, 85% financed by the EU through rural development funding programmes PRODER/FEADER.

The educational centre will be built across one level, covering 2,045sqm, and include six classrooms for primary school, two for nursery school and a multipurpose classroom.

The facility will be able to accommodate nearly 200 pupils from the areas of Barão de São Miguel, Budens, Salema and Burgau.

Once the architectural project is finalised, a public tender will be launched by the Vila do Bispos Câmara for construction of the school.

Work is expected to start in the second half of the year.