New €5 coin

New €5 coin to ‘enter circulation’ on June 1

Coin cannot be used in any other country

A new €5 coin will be ‘entering circulation’ on June 1, with the caveat that it has no ‘discharging power’ outside Portugal.

This means the ‘dinosaur’ coin, (it depicts a dinosaur) very much lives up to its name.

The Bank of Portugal announced the entrance into circulation of 30,000 of these coins from June 1.

Featuring the “Miragaia longicollum” (a long-necked dinosaur of the Stegosaurus family, the remains of which were discovered in the Portuguese parish of Miragaia at the turn of the millennia) the coin is being introduced as a new ‘collection coin’, thus many of us may never get to see one.

It will be ‘distributed’ via credit institutions, the cash offices of Banco de Portugal and the Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda (the Portuguese Mint) shops.

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