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New development project for Fonte da Benémola

The environmentally sensitive area of Fonte da Benémola in Loulé Council is to undergo a development project which aims to turn the water rich area into a tourist attraction.

At a meeting on July 9, members of Querença parish council outlined the potential of Fonte Benémola, which is considered a protected area for its natural resources.

“In the past, many mistakes have been made in relation to this protected area, which in fact has been left abandoned,” said Bruno Inácio, the President of the Assembly of the Querença Parish Council.

The President of the Parish Council of Querença, Manuel Viegas dos Santos, said: “Finally Fonte da Benémola will be the target of an improvement project which will be of great importance to the development of our parish.”

Aníbal Moreno, who is responsible for the environment office at Loulé Câmara, has criticised the Government for neglecting such areas as Benémola.

“For years the Government failed to pay attention to the management, maintenance and preservation of Fonte da Benémola and all its surroundings,” said Aníbal Moreno.

He also spoke of the various activities that are already planned for the area, in particular cleaning up actions, the installation of signage with information about the local environment, environmental education projects in schools and its general promotion in the future in order to attract visitors to explore the area.

A protocol has been signed with Loulé-based development company Quinta da Ombria, which will be responsible for carrying out the improvement works and bring the agricultural sector back to life in the valley of Benémola.

Hélder Martins, general director of Quinta da Ombria, spoke recently of the area’s potential for the tourism sector: “We want to invest in this area because of its environmental component, which is really the main product we have to offer to visitors when the project is concluded.”