New details over cash support for battered women as acid-attacker goes on trial for attempted murder

Following our report last week on the new law designed to protect battered women (click here), Diário de Notícias has revealed that financial support too is going to be increased.

As the paper explains how, one of the many alleged perpetrators of domestic violence goes on trial today over the permanent and disfiguring injuries that his former-wife suffered when she was doused in sulphuric acid.

Carmindo Silvério, 60, is charged with qualified attempted murder and domestic violence.

His alleged victim, 58-year-old Anabela Puno was hit in the face, neck and chest with sulphuric acid in February.

Her screams of agony brought her daughter running to her aid, and the woman was rushed to hospital where she stayed for “several months”.

But according to news reports, doctors attest to her injuries being permanent and disfiguring.

Under the new law, DN explains that victims of domestic violence will qualify for immediate cash assistance of €2000 in cases of “extreme urgency”.

In the past, financial help was paid in instalments staggered over six months.

“Extreme urgency”, explains the paper, translates into situations when the women involved are unemployed, with young children and no way of being able to support themselves.

Carlos Anjos, president of the commission to protect victims of crime (CPVC), added that in order to qualify for this one-off cash payment, “victims have to have suffered grave physical or mental abuse, and the crimes must always have taken place on national territory”.

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