New crowdfunding campaign for “seat-of-your-pants” Algarve feature-length movie

They’re at it again. The ‘turn-the-world-on-its-head’ duo who brought us THE RIGHT JUICE, filmed in the Algarve on a shoestring crowdfunded budget, has been making huge strides since the film premiered in Faro in 2014.

Creating Longship Films, director Kristjan Knigge and producer Chris Parker have already won an award (in the form of a lump of Mississippi rock) for their first project, a ‘drama thriller’ entitled SECOND HONEYMOON – also shot in Portugal.

Now, they are busy working on post-production of EXPOSURE – a story of ‘love, heartache and the fallacy of memory’ exploring the break-up of a relationship from both sides of the women involved.

And they need people’s support.

Very much like THE RIGHT JUICE, the accent here is “get involved”. Just by following the project, the team get Brownie points with indie film distributors Seed&Spark. Donations all bring benefits: the more one gives, the more one receives.

The ‘catch’ is that Exposure’s crowdfunding campaign is only running for a finite period.

Click onto the website, and you will see the time-clock ticking away the minutes by which Longship Films has to get pledges of 9,700 US dollars to get ‘taken under’ Seed&Spark’s wing and pushed at major indie film festivals.

They are already halfway there – and there are still 17 days left.

And for those who haven’t heard of crowd-funded indie films, this is what director Knigge will tell you is the future.

Gone are the days of theatrical egos and divas storming off to swanky trailers. This is the era of ‘narrative feature film creation in a compressed time frame’. Money is saved. Time is cut to a bare minimum, and ‘magic happens’.

Put more simply – and variously dubbed ‘seat-of-the-pants filming’ or perhaps more elegantly ‘agile filming’ – projects involve brainstorming sessions, a minimum of set scripting and the ability to let life and circumstance get in the way.

Knigge told Tomorrow magazine when it accompanied Longship on one of its five days of Algarve film shoots, “everybody has a voice. As director I have veto because there has to be vision, but I have to be flexible and refine, fine-tune and develop my vision according to what we as a team are creating”.

EXPOSURE has been shot across two continents, and involves a team that flew in economy class using their own money from the Netherlands, Denmark and the U.S.

As Knigge says at the end of Exposure’s two-minute pitch video (click here), “Will you help us bring this film across the finish line? Follow us on Seed&Spark for updates and more. Share. Like. Donate if you can”.

See more on Longship Films Facebook page.

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