New Covid record: Portugal registers 10,176 new cases and 118 deaths

Health authorities in Portugal have today reported a new daily record of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

In the last 24 hours, 10,176 new cases have been detected, slightly more than the previous record that had been set on Wednesday (10,027).

It is also the third straight day in which the number of cases has either topped or come very close to the 10,000-case mark.

Another 118 people have lost their lives while infected with the virus, marking the first time the daily death toll has topped 100.

Meanwhile, the number of people in intensive care units has increased to 536, matching the record set on November 29.

Data from the national health board (DGS) also states that the number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital has increased by 3,451 – another new record.

As Observador newspaper points out: “These numbers show the growing pressure of the pandemic on the national health service.”

On a more positive note, 4,480 people have recovered, although the number of active cases in Portugal is now at 98,938.

This weekend, a 1pm curfew will be in place in most municipalities in Portugal, except in 25 where the risk of infection is deemed “moderate” (click here).

As the number of cases continues to grow, so does the likelihood of another national lockdown.

Indeed, Prime Minister António Costa has already admitted the possibility of implementing restrictions like those implemented last March.

But this time schools are expected to stay open, said the PM.