New courier for British passport service

DHL EXPRESS will be taking over the passport courier service for the British Consulate-General in Madrid from November 3.

From this date, all passport applications received will be subject to the new charges for the delivery of passports, although it will still be possible to collect them in person from the Consulate-General without these costs.

A statement released by the Consulate-General said: “The new passport courier service will mean a greatly improved service for customers. It will be provided by DHL Express, a reputable multinational company with a strong track record of secure, on time delivery.” As part of their agreement, DHL Express will provide two employees who will be permanently based at the British Consulate-General Madrid to ensure an efficient service.

Every customer will also be contacted by telephone in advance, in English, to ensure that they will be at home at the time of delivery.

DHL also runs an online tracking system so customers can view the progress of their passport delivery in real time.

“British Consular Services Iberia has negotiated a very competitive and comprehensive deal for passport customers with DHL Express” said the statement from the Consulate-General, adding: “This compares very favourably to prices charged by other companies for secure delivery of important documents, particularly as it includes a number of additional features such as advance customer contact in English.”  

Further information on this service, including delivery times, prices and tracking, will be published on the British Embassy website at from November 3.