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New confusion over Mário Centeno’s ‘invitation’ to become PM

New confusion arose today over the issue of Mário Centeno – formerly Socialist finance minister, now Governor of the Bank of Portugal – being invited to form a new government on the resignation of António Costa. Mr Centeno himself confirmed yesterday to the Financial Times, that yes, he had “received an invitation from the President and the prime minister to reflect and consider the possibility of leading the government”, but that he was “very far from reaching a decision” – and today President Marcelo denied having made that invitation. To add to the confusion Mário Centeno then made a statement on the Bank of Portugal web site to say, actually, he was not invited by President Marcelo. He had been invited by António Costa…and today the ethics committee of Portugal’s central bank will be considering whether or not the governor who appointed its members has acted ethically in this embarrassing fracas.