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New commercial licensing law will cut red tape

The new Commercial Licensing Law has been given the thumbs up by Portuguese legal experts and real estate consultants.

The law affecting the application, processing and approval or refusal of planning permission for commercial developments published on January 19 will come into force for shops and related businesses on April 19.

Speaking at the seminar organised by Cushman & Wakefield with law firm Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associates, legal beagle Raul Mota Cerveira welcomed the new law saying it would “shorten the decision making process and reduce the financial burdens for both promoters and investors” and was “clearly a step forward in the simplification of procedures for the authorisation, installation and modification of commercial retail establishments and allied businesses.

“This new law establishes, among other things, a reduction in red tape in decision procedures, slashing authorisation taxes and concentrating the entire procedure within the Directorate-General of Economic Activities with the creation of a Commercial Authorisation Commission which will be the entity with the final word,” he explained.

Raul Mota Cerveira added that, on the flipside of the coin, the criteria demanded for the authorisation decision (planning permission) would be “stricter” and warned that the ASAE “will now have the jurisdiction to initiate proceedings against developers and promoters who violate obligations required under the law or fail to pay the necessary taxes required for planning permission authorisation.”

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