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New collections for spring


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Suzy Turner has lived in Portugal for 22 years and works as a freelance writer. As well as putting pen to paper for The Resident’s beauty section, she also contributes to the parenting and fashion columns

The time of year is fast approaching when we want to shake off our heavy sweaters, thick tights and boots and start looking for lighter clothes for the warmer months.


Springfield’s new collection has a great choice for men and women and perfect looks for any time of day. Fusion is the key word of the collection, with pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to create a unique look.

It features minimalism from the likes of the 60s, the natural look from the 70s and the more attractive and sexy feel of the quirky 80s. These looks form a versatile collection, allowing for both comfort and style – in an explosion of colour.


Around 75 years ago, René Lacoste made his first, now iconic, polo shirt for himself and other tennis players of the time. His friend, Robert George, had designed a crocodile logo a few years before and René had sewed it on to his shirt. It was the birth of a legend.

To celebrate the company’s 75th birthday, Lacoste has launched a special collection of clothes, bags, shoes, watches and glasses, using the original logo but with a contemporary twist.


The spring/summer collection from Cortefiel offers all women a wide variety of choices, incorporating a number of styles from more structure to more fluid. It features five definitive collections:

City: Responding to the idea of functionality, these pieces are more classic, chic and sophisticated.

Silver: The importance of this collection lies with the cut of the garment, the symmetry and the architectural forms and is the most ‘urban’ of Cortefiel’s collection, featuring lots of white, cotton, satin, jacquard and linen.

Provence: Reflecting a certain ambience of the Côte d’Azur with subtle forms and feminine skirts and blouses. The colour scheme is based on natural tones with flashes of rose and greens. The details give it a vintage and nostalgic touch.

Hawaii: Pointing directly to the summer with vibrant and fresh colours. Accessories feature unusual materials like crystal, wood and stone.

Ethnic: Dresses with fantastic splashes of colour and diverse ethnic patterns. Colours are based on browns, sands and varieties of black.

Pedro del Hierro

Light, structure, fluidity and movement are the key words of Pedro del Hierro’s spring/summer collection.

His fonts of inspiration are diverse, although his main one this season comes from the famous designs of Ossie Clarke, an English fashion designer who became famous in the swinging sixties, with his experimental, yet flattering cuts.

The new collection focuses very much on colour and the feminine form.

Patterns feature strongly: either graphic, floral or abstract and the inspiration is from the 60s and mid 70s.

The collection is more mature and is based on the fluidity of Ossie Clarke’s designs but also with the structure of André Courrèges and the glamour of Yves Saint Laurent from the early 70s.


Inspired by nautical sportswear and the vintage look, Reebok’s new line, Scarlett Hearts Rbk, is great for those looking for pretty and stylish, yet comfortable shoes.

The graphic elements of the footwear are classic stripes and patterns inspired by vintage fabrics and the colour palette represent the season’s trends.