New clinic brings ‘avant-garde’ plastic surgery to Vilamoura

A clinic offering ‘avant-garde’ plastic surgery opened in Vilamoura on November 29. The clinic is the brainchild of Avelino Monteiro Abreu, an experienced plastic surgeon who also works for Hospital Particular do Algarve (HPA).

Entitled ‘AMA Clinic’, it offers a wide range of services, including “breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (also known as tummy tuck), liposuction, dentistry, vascular surgery and everything in between”.

Speaking to Barlavento newspaper, Abreu said it has been a “lifelong dream” to open his own clinic.

With his wife of 20 years as his business partner, the pair describe their venture as something of a one-stop-shop thanks to its advanced techniques.
“Clients are operated on and can go home on the same day,” they explained.

Dr Abreu’s wife Eliane Freitas, a physiotherapist, added that AMA’s team was “carefully put together” and features a number of “distinguished foreign doctors”.

While Abreu’s parents are Portuguese, he grew up and studied in Brazil which he says is “one of the best countries in the world for plastic surgery”.

“In Portugal, they believe that one plastic surgeon does it all. But we believe in the Brazilian way as you can’t be good at everything! We have a number of surgeons who specialise in different areas,” the couple said.

Revealing that one of their goals is to make people “fall in love with themselves again”, the couple said the Portuguese people are becoming more aware of how they can “care for and improve their body”.