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New charity shop a dream come true

ONE OF the many dreams of Liliana Rodrigues, the dynamic ball of energy behind the charity Castelo de Sonhos (Castle of Dreams), has been to open a shop to help raise funds for the many daily expenses the charity faces. At last this dream has come true.

Tuesday April 16 saw a delighted Liliana and her volunteers open the door to the new premises in Silves. The shop, selling items of nearly new clothes, quality furniture and bric-a-brac, is quite separate from existing premises where clothes and furniture are given free to families in need. It is a fervent hope that people will continue to give household items, furniture, toys and linen to the charity so that they may be given to the many families, single parents and elderly who are in need. Selected items only will be placed in the shop to raise funds.

Lucky 13

Spring is the time to sort out your wardrobe and renew your furnishings. Beds, tables and chairs, baby equipment, toys and clothes are always desperately needed; and if your pantry is full of canned foods you will never use, then remember all those who will make great use of them. Don’t forget to sort out your unwanted books, as there is a book-shelf just waiting for them in the new shop.

To find the shop, locate the main market in Silves and walk up the street on the western exit which is called Rua Francisco Pablos. Pass the pedestrian street and you will see the shop on the left. The door number is lucky 13.

To make arrangements to have large items collected, call Liliana on 963 452 479.