New chair gives new life to little Miriam

Algarve children’s charity ACCA has provided three-year old Miriam Elisabete Domingos Freitas with a specially adapted chair.

Miriam was a healthy little girl up to the age of nine months when she was infected with a herpes virus which spread to her brain and left her with reduced motor coordination and epilepsy leaving her requiring specialist care and equipment.

Now Miriam requires daily physiotherapy and full time care and because of her disabilities she needs a specially adapted chair to support her comfortably while allowing her to be able to be moved around.

Miriam had grown out of her previous chair and her legs trailed on the ground; and now weighing 16 kilogrammes her mother could no longer carry her around.

When funding for a new chair for Miriam was unable to be provided by social security, Algarve children’s charity ACCA stepped in.

The chair was originally set to cost 3,800 Euros but ACCA members were able to negotiate a discount with Guido van Vroenhoven from Sem Barreiras and purchased the chair for Miriam at a cost of 2,500 Euros.

Sandra Maria Guerreiro Domingos, Miriam’s mother, said: “Miriam’s head control has improved dramatically over the couple of weeks since she has had the chair and my life has changed completely too!”

For further information about the charitable work of ACCA, please visit www.accakids.com (available in English).