New centre created for ‘extraordinary aerial phenomena’

A group of former researchers have created the Aerospace Phenomena Research Centre (CIFA), in Vila do Conde (Porto district), which aims to assess and study “extraordinary” aerial phenomena in the country and help the public understand them. Stressing CIFA’s work has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, president Vítor Moreira said ”there is a need to enlighten the public and foster a more informed opinion of what these phenomena are.” He added that almost two thousand extraordinary events have been registered. “We have very reliable case histories, but it’s still a story. We know that narratives are narratives and we want to go further”, he said. The centre hopes to establish protocols with the Air Force and the Republican National Guard (GNR) “to reach the isolated cases that may occur in the interior of the country”. The purpose is to “act fast and make a more effective assessment”.