New cat shelter set up in Conceição de Tavira

New cat shelter set up in Conceição de Tavira

A new cat shelter has been set up in Conceição de Tavira as part of Tavira‘s municipal plan to sterilise stray cats and provide them with a safe place to eat and rest.

The Municipal Plan for Animal Welfare and Protection of Tavira is headlined by the Capture, Sterilise and Return (CED) Programme, which aims to keep the municipality’s stray cat population under control.


New cat shelter in Conceição de Tavira

Placing these shelters in areas where stray cat colonies are known to exist is viewed by the local council as beneficial to the CED and “improves the conditions in which wild and feral cats belonging to a colony live in”.

Caregivers are asked to inform the municipality when new unsterilised animals are found as well as when veterinarian care is required, the council adds.

Three shelters have already been set up, with 15 more due to be installed throughout 2024.

By Michael Bruxo

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