New Cascais PDM foresees less building

THE REVISED Cascais Municipal Plan (PDM) aims to reduce building work, population density and introduce a comprehensive listing of the area’s historical and cultural attractions. Câmara President, António Capucho, said the plan demonstrated “a great concern” with urban and demographic development in Cascais. The PDM pays particular attention to construction. Rules governing habitation density, which establish an acceptable ratio between homes and land, have been revised so that not so many buildings can be erected. The PDM envisages “an exhaustive identification” of the area’s historical heritage, parks and historical gardens “in such a way as to protect them from precipitous demolition or inconvenient use”. The revision to the PDM was decided upon in March 2000 during the presidency of José Luís Judas. Capucho said that the 1997 PDM had set in motion “a generalised decline in quality of life”.