New Carvoeiro playground begins construction

New Carvoeiro playground begins construction

Carvoeiro currently does not have a playground

A new “modern and attractive” playground has begun construction in Carvoeiro, Lagoa near the local amphitheatre.

Residents have been calling for the construction of a playground for a long time, the municipal council of Lagoa has recognised in a statement, adding that the project will cost the local coffers over €315,000.

The playground will be themed after a pirate island, allowing children to play in a “multifunctional boat,” a double swing with a nest, a tower featuring two slides shaped like palm trees, a swing on suspended ropes, and a seesaw. There will also be a kiosk with a terrace, restrooms and a garden area with fencing, lighting, benches, and rubbish bins.

As the local council points out, Carvoeiro does not currently have a playground, as the previous one was “dismantled for safety reasons.” It adds that is has been “completely refurbishing” several playgrounds throughout the municipality, to “always keep them in the best conditions for use and in compliance with safety regulations required by law.” Such playgrounds include those in the Vale Talegas Urbanisation in Estômbar, in the Boa Vontade Neighbourhood in Mexilhoeira da Carregação, the Che Lagoense do Pateiro Neighbourhood in Parchal, the Vales Neighbourhood in the city of Lagoa, and at Praia Grande in Ferragudo.

The municipal authority also stresses it has replaced the flooring at several playgrounds, such as those at Quinta de S. Pedro, the Estômbar kindergarten, the EB1 schools in Porches, Parchal and Ferragudo.

By Michael Bruxo

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