New canine conveniences for Faro!

DOGS IN Faro will not find themselves caught short thanks to the installation of 45 special new toilets. As part of a plan to clean up the borough’s pavements and parks, Faro Câmara aims to have the new conveniences installed by the end of this month.

A Câmara spokesperson said: “Due to the high concentration of built up areas, there is a lot of dog mess in the streets, a situation that is partly due to the lack of care by owners and partly down to the lack of facilities.”

The new canine conveniences will be placed in green spaces and around shrubbery to guarantee their camouflage, so as not to be offensive to the eye. Once the newcanine conveniences are in place, owners who let their dogs foul the footpaths will run the risk of paying a five euro fine if caught – a fine that is likely to increase gradually.

The new doggy toilets represent an investment of 20,000 euros and the cleaning of these new facilities will be organised by the Câmara.