New campaign in Olhão tells people to “go home”

Olhão is being praised on social media for the original way it is telling people to “stay home” and respect Portugal’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A series of outdoor signs have been set up throughout the town with short messages, some humorous.

One reads: “Move away a little … just a little more … a little more… keep going …that’s it! Keep walking … Once you get home, that’s great!”

The tone in others is more serious: “The time and resources being spent to tell you to stay home could be used to help those most in need.”

Said the council: “Olhão Council has launched a campaign aimed at those who, irresponsibly and without any real reason, continue to gather in public spaces, putting everyone’s health at risk.”

As the council highlighted, “social distancing is the only way to contain this virus”.

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