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New Câmara directors sworn in

LISBON CÂMARA’S new municipal directors have been chosen and sworn in. The councillors officially took up their posts at a recent ceremony attended by Lisbon Mayor, Dr. Carmona Rodrigues.

Among the new municipal directors were Luís Fragoso (Human Resources), Fernando Coelho (Urban Planning), Maria dos Santos (Economic Activities), José Marques (Urban Management), Ângelo Mesquita (Environment), Maria Rodrigues (Housing) and Jorge Pires (Central Services).

During his short speech, the mayor implored the directors to join forces and find resolutions to the problems and challenges facing the city. Carmona Rodrigues said that he had no doubt that the new faces at Lisbon Câmara would continue to set an example of “good public administration worthy of the country, the city of Lisbon and its citizens”.