New BSE case

Dear Editor,

In the late 1990s the cattle population of Europe was badly infected with BSE which lead to CJE in humans.

We now have yet another case in Europe. BSE in this incidence refers to the “Bloody Stupid Europeans” who are destroying the livelihoods of so many by their indifference to the financial problem of Europe.

Is this a replay of AD64 when Nero watched the destruction of Rome so that he could rebuild? The corruption within the leaders of the Roman Empire in that era is no different to that of today. Why should we accept this situation?

It is accepted in all financial circles that corruption exists within many, if not all, of the Southern European States. But why not also within Brussels and those who preside within the European parliament? So many have come from the Southern States that their ‘culture’ is in-bred, and they do not understand a “straight road”.

Accountability for the “ordinary folk” is part of life. Why is there no accountability for politicians, bankers and others in responsible positions?

The future of Europe as we see today has to change. Those states that follow the route of corruption should be allowed to follow their own path. Those who believe in honesty to both themselves and their countrymen should generate their own path. Clear out the bureaucrats of Brussels with their “gold-plated” pensions and excessive lunches and save billions.

The alternative is for those who believe that they have been “duped” since the “greed” of the European Union has been “the norm” should rise as a body and create a Europe where true values are held on high for the benefit of all.

Hamish McBeth, by email