New brotherhood promotes Ria Formosa gastronomy

A new brotherhood that aims to value, protect and promote the gastronomic heritage of Ria Formosa was officially created last weekend on Culatra island.

Entitled ‘Confraria Marinha da Ria Formosa’, the group comprises 25 founding members who will work together to “study, defend and promote the cultural, environmental, historic and gastronomic heritage of the Ria Formosa”.

Another goal is to research and publish books and guides about the local cuisine, its history, traditions and cooking techniques.

Ria Formosa is famous not only for its natural beauty and vibrant wildlife but also for its abundance of fish and seafood, a cornerstone of the most popular local recipes.

In fact, Faro hosts the ‘Festa da Ria Formosa’ festival every summer to showcase all the delicious seafood that the estuary has to offer.