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New brand unveiled by Monarch

Monarch Airlines re-launched its branding on June 1 to focus on scheduled services.

The airline has long been associated with being a chartered airline, but 80% of flights run by Monarch are now scheduled. The new strategy is centred round the “Fly your way. Every day” concept that reinforces the position of Monarch as being an airline that works to allow greater freedoms for passengers to be able to tailor their needs on a flight.

Conrad Clifford, the CEO of Monarch Group, said: “The new brand is a key milestone for the company as we focus on scheduled operations. The refreshed brand is the visual manifestation of a strategic shift on the business that will give consumers the widest possible choice of services both on the ground and in-flight.”

The new brand will see the Monarch fleet of 30 aircraft being re-branded with the first aircraft with new livery due to be flying later this month.

While the Monarch brand is being re-launched the company have also announced that they have abolished debit card fees for booking flights.

“In these difficult economic times, there is absolutely no justification advertising one fare and then stinging consumers with hidden excess charges,” said Conrad Clifford.

He added: “The move today is a result of that review process and the new charging structure will come into effect immediately with the primary purpose of our review of card fees being to provide an upfront, transparent and simple to understand charging policy.”

Monarch customers using debit cards to book scheduled flights will incur no booking fees, while customers using a credit card will be charged a flat rate £10 fee, regardless of the value of the transaction or the number of people travelling.