New book tells the story of one couple’s move from the UK to live in sunny Algarve

Launched this month, “Living the Dream, in the Algarve, Portugal” is a new book by author Alyson Sheldrake. Part guidebook, mostly memoir, it tells the story of one couple’s move from the UK to live in the sun.

From propositioning a builder, to battling bureaucracy, and adapting to a slower pace of life in the sunshine, this is the refreshingly honest and often hilarious account of one couple’s move from the rainy UK to the sunny Algarve in Portugal.

Alyson and Dave Sheldrake were determined to realise their dream of living abroad; so they ended their jobs, packed up everything they owned and moved to the Algarve to start a new life. Follow them as they battle with the Portuguese language, set up their own businesses, adopt a rescue dog and navigate the ‘expat’ world.

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered what moving abroad is really like; and is essential reading for anyone considering moving to Portugal.

Alyson Sheldrake was born in Birmingham in 1968. She has always loved art and painting, although she found little time for such pleasures, working full-time after graduation. She joined the Devon and Cornwall Police in 1992 and served for 13 years, before leaving to work in the field of education. She became the Director of Education for the Church of England in Devon in 2008.

Once her husband Dave retired from the police, their long-held dream of living in the sun could become a reality. Alyson handed in her notice, and with her dusty easel and set of acrylic paints packed and ready to move, they started their new adventure living in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal in 2011.

Alyson is the author of the award-winning and popular “Algarve Blog” and has also been a keynote speaker for several years at the annual ‘Live and Invest in Portugal’ international conference.

She is now an accomplished and sought-after artist working alongside her husband Dave, a professional photographer. Being able to bring their much-loved hobbies and interests to life has been a wonderful bonus to their new life in the Algarve.

Her new book ‘Living the Dream’ is full of useful advice, enjoyable adventures and hilarious accounts of their Algarve life in the sun.

You can discover more about the book, including links on where to purchase, via the Algarve Blog website:

The book is available on Amazon in paperback, Large Print Edition, and eBook version.