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New book tells story of stray animals

Carlos Filipe, an Algarve photographer known for taking amazing photographs of stray animals, has launched his second book Eu Não Quero Morrer Aqui (‘I Don’t Want to Die Here’).

As he explains, the book features “texts and photographs that compile the lives of animals from various parts of the country, with differences and similarities that unite and distinguish them.

Photographer Carlos Filipe and his best friend Boris
Photographer Carlos Filipe and his best friend Boris

“In it, I have compiled the stories of souls that broke and came back together with lessons to teach us when we need the strength to carry on. It’s a very personal project that I hope reaches every corner of the world, just like its ‘older sibling’, Imperfect Friends. It will, like its predecessor, be what I take to schools when I talk about my work so that students can learn a bit about the animal cause and so that tomorrow’s adults can begin to be shaped today,” Carlos said.

His previous book had been based on a series of YouTube videos he published which told the story of disabled animals in the Algarve.

cover of book não quero morrer aqui

Eu Não Quero Morrer Aqui is only available in Portuguese for now. Costing €39, the 132-page book can be purchased directly from the photographer and sent anywhere in the world (with delivery fees ranging from €6 within Portugal to €10 within the European Union and €16 outside of the EU).

To purchase the book, you must make a bank transfer (IBAN: PT50003300004530261839205) or transfer the amount via the MBWay app, and then send the proof of payment to email address [email protected], with your name and address. The book will then be sent via post. Call + 351 924 387 898 for more information. | |

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]