Algarve Rocks! book cover

New book reveals hidden secrets of Algarve

Long-time Algarve resident and Honorary Consul to the Netherlands, Annelies Reugebrink, is launching her new book Algarve Rocks! at the In the Pink – Fine Photo Art Gallery in Loulé on Friday, May 26 between 6pm and 8pm.

The 240-page book features information and photographs that showcase some of the Algarve’s hidden secrets and the stories behind them.

From architecture and art to ‘quintas’ and gastronomy, this book aims to shine the spotlight on the “other” Algarve and its off the beaten paths that provide a glimpse into a more authentic Algarvian experience.

“This is truly a joint passion project with an incredible team to uncover lesser-known locations throughout a region that I have called home for over 25 years,” says Annelies.

“You won’t find typical travel destinations or maps in this book, and the choice of topics might seem eclectic. But, in my opinion, they all offer different stories of Algarvian creativity and innovation, sparking our imagination with intriguing insights to places few people know about.

“My home is well and truly the Algarve, despite being a Dutch national. In many ways, a lot has changed since I moved here. More resorts, more tourists, motorways and shopping centres. On the other hand, there is still the same Algarvian spirit, found away from the must-visit attractions – hidden gems to experience and creative people to meet that make this place so special,” says Annelies.

Algarve Rocks! is by no means an exhaustive list of hidden gems and their back stories. But it inspires you, perhaps, to discover a few of my personal favourites or, even better, to find new ones on your own.”

Algarve Rocks! can be purchased online.