New book on Portugal depicts financial crisis

‘Lisbon Water Kills’, a new crime novel on Portugal, finds blood in European financial crisis, as a US cop uncovers international intrigue.
A smart and sassy amateur sleuth is just the person for the job when an investigation into the suspicious deaths of tourists in downtown Lisbon uncovers a sordid tale of murder, treachery and international conspiracy.
‘Lisbon Water Kills’ takes a peek behind the scenes of the European financial crisis that struck Portugal, forcing it to ask for a $100 billion loan to avoid bankruptcy.
The novel introduces a new star in crime fiction: Antonia Fortunata, a US cop who has returned to her land of birth after being shot in the line of duty in Massachusetts.
Writing under the pseudonym Axel G. Barry, two senior foreign correspondents have imagined an intriguing tale where, unlike in reality, the wicked are exposed.
‘Lisbon Water Kills’ was co-authored by Axel Bugge, who has been posted in Portugal with Reuters for nine years. Barry Hatton is a foreign correspondent in Lisbon for more than 20 years, working since 1997 for The Associated Press. He previously wrote ‘The Portuguese: A Modern History’ (Signal Books, Oxford, 2011).
‘Lisbon Water Kills’ is available on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback versions.