New Bombeiros for Olhão

Fire fighting services in the municipality of Olhão have been reinforced, with 12 new members of the Bombeiros joining the organisation.

Olhão mayor Francisco Leal said: “We are continuing with our policy of reinforcing our fire fighters in Olhão.  When I first came into my position, there were very few professional fire fighters in Olhão but, over the years, we have made more professionals and we are very proud of this.”

Five of the fire fighters brought into Olhão are already qualified while the remaining seven will now be trained to the same standard.

Luís Gomes, the commander of the Olhão municipal Bombeiros, said: “The cooperation and support of the municipal Câmara of Olhão has led to the service becoming

more modernised.”

In 2010, there were more than 8,500 incidents recorded by the Bombeiros of Olhão, which reflects the “effectiveness” of the service, according to Luís Gomes.