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New biking route boosts adventure tourism market

It’s a new route for mountain bikers and comes as a welcome boost to the adventure tourism market.
The “Rota Transibérica em BTT” starts at the source of the Tejo River in the Spanish mountains of Albarracín and free-wheels through 13 stages all the way to Lisbon, where the famous river meets the sea.
It is being launched on June 15 by the Portuguese-Spanish association Tajo/ Tejo Vivo, and according to the publicity material, it means to “promote and affirm the Tejo as a touristic destination”.
The 1200km trail is broken down into 100-km daily stages, taking in the towns of Aranjuez, Toledo, Talavera de la Reina, Vila Velha de Ródão, Abrantes and Santarém.
“The idea was to create a touristic route with a theme that appeals to both the nature tourism and adventure niche markets,” Pedro Saraiva, coordinator of Tagus, the association for the integrated development of the interior Ribatejo, explained.
“The Tejo River is always present and with it delicious single tracks, fabulous paths and countryside with endless surprises.”
The trail offers bikers “huge challenges of pure adventure”, says the Tagus website, which has organised an inaugural run involving 10 long-haul participants.
Other bikers are taking part in separate runs along the way.
Registration was due in at the end of May, but anyone keen to get involved is still invited to contact Tajo/Tejo Vivo through the association’s website.