New average speed cameras arrive in Portugal

New system helps determine average speed between two points

A new type of traffic speed camera which determines the average speed between two points has been introduced in Portugal.

The new system is identified by a traffic sign labelled HF2 which reads ‘Velocidade Média’ (Average Speed).

In a nutshell, the system will help determine whether drivers are exceeding speed limits by calculating how quickly they travelled between two points.

According to the national road safety authority (ANSR), there are 10 average speed cameras which can be deployed at 20 different roads across the country.

Here are the locations and roads where the new systems may be set up:

  • Aveiro: A41;
  • Beja: EN206 and IC1;
  • Castelo Branco: IC8;
  • Coimbra: A1 and EN109;
  • Évora: A6 and IP2;
  • Faro: EN398;
  • Lisboa: A9, EN10, EN6-7 and IC19;
  • Porto: A3;
  • Santarém: A1;
  • Setúbal: EN10, EN378, EN4, EN5 and IC1;

These roads were selected due to particularly high numbers of accidents in which “excessive speed” was identified as one of the causes, adds ANSR.

The implementation of these new average speed cameras will cost around €5.6 million.

While CNN Portugal reports that the system is still being tested and thus fines are not yet being handed out, the new average speed cameras will detect infractions which could cost drivers fines ranging from €60 to €2,500.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]