New art website and online magazine launched

A new ‘Algarve Art’ venture has launched in the Algarve, combining a new website promoting art and artists of all genres, a new Algarve Society of Artists, and the forthcoming launch of an Algarve Art! quarterly online art magazine for the Algarve.

Heralding a new focus and online showcase for art in the Algarve, creator and editor Alyson Sheldrake said: “I am a professional artist working full time out here and I am married to a professional photographer. Over the last few years, we have set up and managed a number of successful ‘Pop Up!’ style exhibitions of our work, and have also been increasingly drawn towards working with, and supporting, other artists out here. I know how difficult – yet ultimately rewarding – being an artist can be out here in the Algarve, and I have been toying with different ideas about how to support artists.”

The idea of putting together a quarterly promotional online magazine also came up, with the aim of showcasing artists’ work and highlight the art events that happen across the Algarve.

“Art can be quite an isolating process and it can be great to step out of the studio and meet other artists and share ideas, tips and stories. Adding an element of social get-togethers and networking was important to me too, and the creation of a Society for artists of all genres and abilities came out from these aims,” said Alyson.

The new website and the new Algarve Society of Artists, already boasting over 30 members, is the result of bringing all these ideas together and the first edition of the new Algarve Art! Magazine is due to be released in early October and will be free to read online.