New art gallery to open in Tavira next month

New art gallery to open in Tavira next month

Art Gallery Rua da Silva 4 is preparing for its grand opening in Tavira on Saturday, February 29 at 6pm with an exhibition by Swedish artist Peter Sternäng.

Art Gallery Rua da Silva 4 hosts residency programmes for Nordic artists and is complemented by a showroom to exhibit their art pieces.

Gallery owner Ester Lörinc is keen to “highlight Tavira through art created by a foreign artist’s perspective”.

Peter Sternäng will be the first artist to exhibit at the gallery, after his residency there during April 2019. He is a well-known and admired Swedish artist.

“His ability to visualise the light and catch the atmosphere in very different circumstances, regardless of whether he uses oil, watercolour, iPading or whatever he can find, is amazing,” said Ester Lörinc.

Peter Sternäng said: “During spring 2019, I got a generous of¬fer from Art Gallery Rua da Silva 4 in Tavira to a residency, giving me the op-portunity to spend a few weeks painting in southern Portugal. I had never been in the country before, only heard about the coast of Algarve as a popular travel des¬tination. Before, I had mostly worked in Greece and was used to the Greek archipelagos, with their thousands of small bays, head¬lands and islands.

“What I now encountered was quite dif¬ferent; the Atlantic Ocean, the great blue, miles of sandy beaches, hundreds of metres broad, ochre, sienna … the infinite space of the ultramarine heaven and in-between the darker green-blue sea, seldom calm, usually unsettled, the waves, the salt, the wind …

“The Rio Gilão that from time to time rose filled with fish, for the city’s bridges and white houses to be reflected on at sunset. Admiring all this through a glass of vin¬ho verde, I wondered if the name of this country could have something to do with the Greek word for oranges, ‘portokáli’. The country from where the oranges come? For all I know. Eu não sei…”

Details of Peter’s work and career can be found at

The exhibition will be open on February 29, March 13, March 28 and April 17.

In the coming seasons, Art Gallery Rua da Silva 4 will exhibit art pieces by the following artists: Autumn 2020 – Sven Hugo Persson; Spring 2021 – Birgitta Sander; Autumn 2021 – Minako Masui

For more information, contact Ester Lörinc on +46 709 586962 or email [email protected]