New “arguido” in Golden Visa scandal tipped to be former government minister Miguel Macedo

As Operation Labyrinth, the investigation into corruption behind the issuing of “golden” residency visas, comes to a close national tabloid Correio da Manhã claims former interior minister Miguel Macedo is weeks away from being made an “arguido” (official suspect). The paper writes today that Macedo is suspected of the trafficking of influences and prevarication.

CM suggests he will be declared an arguido “at the beginning of November” – by which time, Labyrinth will have been running for exactly a year.

Hours after the story hit the streets, Público went online with the news that Macedo was expected to be quizzed by detectives today, though there is the possibility that his hearing “could be delayed”.

For now, eleven people have been given “arguido” status in the inquiry which has also flagged links to former prime minister José Sócrates (click here).

Miguel Macedo has always denied any involvement in the alleged web of corruption, though he resigned days after the police investigation was made public (click here).

Macedo’s parliamentary immunity which would make “arguido status” impossible was lifted in July when Público suggested Macedo is likely to face three criminal charges of prevarication and a separate charge of the trafficking of influences.

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