New anti-toll protests planned for EN125

A new series of protests calling for the end of the Algarve’s A22 motorway tolls will take place on Sunday and Monday (June 19-20) over several stretches of the EN125.

Organised by anti-toll group CUVI, the protests begin Sunday in Lagoa at 5.30pm.

CUVI members will hand out anti-toll pamphlets near the town’s bus stop, where a roundabout has been under construction for several months.

The following day, CUVI will set up a memorial at the Pêra/Algoz intersection of the EN125 at 11am to honour those who have died in accidents nearby, followed by a protest at Fonte de Boliqueime at 5.30pm.

Other “surprise initiatives” are promised for this summer.

In a statement, CUVI pointed out how the number of accidents in the Algarve has increased this year (3,608), resulting so far in the death of nine people.

It also says that “serious mistakes” have been made during renovation work which have created a “wave of indignation”.

The group attributes most of the problems to the A22 tolls, which “not only aggravated the economic and social crisis but also caused a lot of suffering for the Algarve and its people”.

CUVI also criticised the PS, PSD and CDS-PP for refusing to ban the A22 tolls in Parliament last month, accusing Prime Minister António Costa of failing to “keep his word” after admitting that the EN125 is a “cemetery” and after raising the possibility of eliminating the tolls once and for all.