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New Angus Steak House in Almancil

AFTER THE success of the Don Toro™ Angus Steak House in the old town of Lagos, meat lovers in the Almancil area will be delighted with the opening of a new Don Toro in Escanxinas, on the road between Almancil and Quarteira.

Don Toro offers you the possibility to enjoy the freshest and tastiest Argentinean steaks in the region, regularly imported and made from free-range Angus cattle, expertly grilled to your definition of perfection.

Available in four different cuts – Picanha (cup of the rump), Sirloin, Rib-Eye and Fillet-Mignon – the steaks are also available in four different sizes, ranging from “very small” (100gr), all the way to the “Carnivore” (400gr), for those with a more voracious appetite. Lemon and rosemary roast new potatoes and vegetables accompany all meals. Alternatively, choose a side order, which includes fries, onion rings and mushrooms.

For the real meat fanatics, try the delicious Angus Beef Tartar. Several types of Gourmet Burgers are also on the menu, to be especially considered for lunch. From the good old Classic Burger to the Premium Burger with a 200gr Angus beef, the burgers can be ‘customised’ with a large variety of fine toppings. All burgers are homemade from fresh quality ingredients and served in a bread bun with garnish and coleslaw.

For those looking for something a little lighter, a number of fresh salads, fish steaks and other vegetarian options are available.

Don Toro was founded by José Tasso Bragança, opening the first Angus Steak House in the old town of Lagos in March 2006. Of Portuguese/Brazilian origins, José spent most of his life living in South America and Italy, acquiring a sharp knowledge of what outstanding food should be.

The Don Toro Angus Steak House in Almancil is open for lunch and dinner everyday except Mondays. Reservations are recommended. Telephone 289 355 005.