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New Algarve golfing association

A new golfing association for the Algarve was launched on March 20 to offer golfers discounts on green fees on courses across the region while also encouraging the fun and social side of the sport.

Algarve Golf, which is based at the Algarve Golf Academy in Albufeira, is a joint venture between the registered not-for-profit Southern Golf Association and Algarve Golf LLP.

Tim Worstall, the president of the association, said: “There are other associations here in the Algarve but we have equal or better discounts and we also offer a physical office, rather than just existing on the internet, with access to a club house. We also offer much more than just green fees for golfers.”

There are two levels of membership available through Algarve Golf, full and associate. Full members pay an annual fee of €125 which entitles them to discounts on rounds booked directly through the golf courses and includes a handicap card and also registration with the Portuguese Golf Federation (PGF).

Associate members pay €10 per year and are still able to buy discounted rounds but need to book them through Algarve Golf.

Both levels of membership receive discounts at selected bars, restaurants and other activities in the Algarve.

Keith Millington, the vice president of the association, said: “We’ll be doing all the normal things that a golf association does with discounts and regular competitions for members. But more importantly, we think golf is about more than just golf itself, there should be a certain fun to it, a joie de vivre around the whole approach and we will be working hard to add that enjoyment and social side to the members’ experience of golf.”

Already many courses in the Algarve have agreed to offer discounts to members of the association while many other businesses in the Algarve are also taking part.

“It’s early days yet but we have more than 50% of all the courses already signed up and the list of other discounts available is expanding rapidly and will soon include Zoomarine, Slide and Splash and many others on the way,” said Keith Millington.

Tim Worstall added: “We have been here for some time now and wanted to create a golfing association with all the things we were looking for ourselves. Of course, the best prices and discounts on golf itself but also using the economic weight of our membership to gain discounts and deals elsewhere.”

For further information about Algarve Golf, please call 911 909 526 or visit